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Since a young age, chef Michel Hélène has been passionate about cooking. This passion led him to begin his apprenticeship in 2009 and to develop his culinary skills over the years. After working in different restaurants and culinary establishments, in 2018 he decided to embark on the adventure of home cooking by creating his business as a home chef. Today, he shares his passion and know-how with his customers to offer them unique and memorable culinary experiences.

Gastronomic Chef the Art of Culinary Conviviality

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A true passion that allows him to express himself and give free rein to his imagination.

Cooking is for Michel Hélène a true passion that allows him to express himself and give free rein to his imagination. He enjoys taking on culinary challenges, exploring new techniques and experimenting with new flavors. Each dish is a blank canvas on which he can express his creativity and personality.

What drives Michel Hélène in the kitchen is the desire to share his love for gastronomy with others. For him, a meal is not just a moment of food, but a sensory and emotional experience. He likes to create dishes that awaken the taste buds, which transport guests on a unique taste journey.

Cooking is also a way for Michel Hélène to celebrate culture and culinary traditions. He enjoys exploring traditional recipes, local ingredients and ancestral cooking methods. It is a way for him to preserve the culinary heritage and pay homage to the know-how of previous generations.

A culinary heritage passed down from generation to generation.

The chef’s words

Cooking is much more than just a passion for me, it is a precious family heirloom. My great aunt, whom I unfortunately did not have the chance to know, was a real cook. She made everything herself, from cheese to cold meats to cakes. I am convinced that we would have shared a common passion if we had been able to meet.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to know my uncle, who also had a real passion for cooking. Every time I went to their house, we ate divinely well. The smell that emanated from his kitchen remains etched in my memory, it was a true delight for the senses. Each dish was prepared with love and attention to detail, and this was evident in every bite. Besides, my aunts cook very well too.

From a young age, I began to appreciate gastronomy. I quickly felt the desire to do my own culinary experiments, explore new recipes and create dishes that would tickle the taste buds of those close to me. So I started cooking, trying recipes on my own.

Chef Michel Hélène

Later, I had the chance to train with real chefs. I followed a path that allowed me to acquire a solid culinary foundation and develop my skills in this art that fascinates me so much. The chefs I worked with passed on their passion for cooking to me. Their teaching allowed me to perfect my techniques, refine my palate and discover new flavors.

Today, I’m proud to say that cooking is more than just a hobby for me. It’s a real part of my identity, a way of paying homage to my family roots. Every time I get my hands dirty, I feel connected to my ancestors, to something passed down from generation to generation. But beyond the family heritage, cooking is also a source of personal fulfillment. It allows me to express my creativity, to play with flavors and textures, to surprise and delight my guests. It’s a way to share warm and friendly moments, to create unforgettable memories around a table filled with delicious food.

Cooking is therefore much more than just a passion for me. It is a link between my past, my present and my future. It is an infinite source of discoveries and taste pleasure. And thanks to the family heritage and the training I received, I intend to continue exploring this culinary universe with passion and dedication, creating new recipes and sharing my love for cooking with those around me .